Mary Romolino

Non-Nerd Owner & Partner at Acme Nerd Games

With 20+ years of marketing experience including advertising agencies on Chicago’s Miracle Mile and at US Bank in brainy, laid-back Madison, WI, Mary is now betting it all on the power of games to engage players with company brands.

Believing hands down that game-based learning is the most engaging tool in today’s marketing mix, Mary left her ad agency CEO corner office and with a team of “nerds” launched Acme Nerd Games. Together, they provide a better way for businesses and non-profit organizations alike to develop deep brand relationships and help people thrive while having fun.

Harnessing the power of games to help players gain competence, self-efficacy, and confidence, Acme Nerd Games intends to make the world better one app at a time. Beginning with nutrition literacy, Mary believes there’s no shortage of topics or age groups that can benefit from the potential of game-based learning.


Making the World Better One Video Game at a Time


10:30 - 11:15