James Flanery

Site Reliability Engineer at Direct Supply

I like to say that I’m a solver of problems, and that the idea of solving a new problem with each project is what drew me to starting a career in Software Engineering. With four years of solving problems as a Software Engineer I saw the opportunity to apply my skills as a Site Reliability Engineer. Now as a founding member of the Site Reliability Engineering team at Direct Supply I champion building more reliable systems, and every day I encounter even more new and interesting problems.

When I’m not standing on the front line of our systems I like to spend a lot of my time reading fantasy/sci fi books, playing competitive table top games and most importantly trying out new experiences. As someone who believes that to live is to grow I’m excited to give my first presentation here at MKE DOT NET and hopefully help everyone else in growing their own technical knowledge and skills.


SRE and Me: Adding Sustenance to the Acronym


1:00 - 1:45