Annie Bougie

Annie Bougie is a Senior Software Developer at Concurrency, Inc. Anne has been in software development since the mid-90s in many different roles including developer, architect, business analyst, tester, project manager and teacher. She has expertise in a variety of languages and platforms and enjoys speaking as an opportunity to break down complex technical topics to help other understand them. She has been developing for the cloud since 2009. When she is not coding, she is either maintaining her beehives or playing with Arduino projects for beekeeping.


Which Azure Database Should I Choose?

Bob Hansen

Brice and Bob are senior application security consultants with SysLogic’s Managed Security Advisory Services, each with 20 years of experience in software development and security best practices. They provide cybersecurity guidance and support to large global organizations that includes secure development programs, developer training, security tools, source code assessments, and secure architecture. They are active participants in cybersecurity meetups and contribute to industry working groups such as the OWASP .NET and Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) projects.


Hardening Your ASP.NET Core Applications

Brice Williams

Brice and Bob are senior application security consultants with SysLogic’s Managed Security Advisory Services, each with 20 years of experience in software development and security best practices. They provide cybersecurity guidance and support to large global organizations that includes secure development programs, developer training, security tools, source code assessments, and secure architecture. They are active participants in cybersecurity meetups and contribute to industry working groups such as the OWASP .NET and Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) projects.


Hardening Your ASP.NET Core Applications

Cameron Presley

Cameron Presley is a software engineer, boardgamer, and musician living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, just outside of the Smoky Mountains. When he’s not writing software for his day job, he gives back to the community through presenting and organizing content for the @FunctionalKnox meetup in Knoxville. In addition, he works with other developers to improve their career through one-on-one sessions as part of The Software Mentor program.


CANCELLED - How To Have Code Reviews Developers Actually Want

Charlotte Chang

Charlotte is a system scientist and tech enthusiast who loves dogs. An organizational design coach by day, she is multi-disciplined in full stack Ruby on Rails development, web-based user experience, and hardware-software integrated product management. She has presented at PyCon Education Summit 2017, AgileDC 2016, Scenic City Summit 2016, CodeMash 2016, and accepted at AgileToronto 2016. Whether it be coding or coaching, Charlotte enjoys a quality high five.


Climbing Rocks and Coding Blocks

Chris Woodruff

Chris Woodruff (or Woody as he is commonly known as) has a degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University’s College of Engineering. Woody has been developing and architecting software solutions for almost 15 years and has worked in many different platforms and tools. He is a community leader, helping such events as GRDevNight, GRDevDay, West Michigan Day of .NET and CodeMash. He was also instrumental in bringing the popular Give Camp event to Western Michigan where technology professionals lend their time and development expertise to assist local non-profits. As a speaker and podcaster, Woody has spoken and discussed a variety of topics, including database design and open source. He has been a Microsoft MVP in Visual C#, Data Platform and SQL and was recognized in 2010 as one of the top 20 MVPs world-wide. Woody owns and leads Woodruff Solutions LLC to provide solutions involving mobile apps and the services that drive mobile solutions.


Electron: Desktop Development For Web Developers

Dan Mallott

Dan Mallott is a Chicago-based consultant for West Monroe Partners in their Technology Practice. His passion is for .NET service-layer development using .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and Apache Cassandra. A former DBA, he takes great pride in finding high-performing solutions to data access problems and has lead performance-tuning efforts in several organizations. In his spare time, he can be found writing his own software instead of using package solutions or on the ice as an ice hockey player and referee.


ORMs and the DBA: How to make both happy

Dana Hart

Dana Hart is an Engineering Lead at Northwestern Mutual. Her current technical focus is JavaScript and re-platforming Northwestern Mutual’s client website to a JavaScript stack in the cloud. Her main career focus for the past 12 years has been web development and client experience. When she is not focusing on this week’s latest JavaScript trend she can be found tinkering with Alexa skills, baking a tasty treat, enjoying the outdoors or chasing her kids around.


Teaching Alexa New Tricks with JavaScript

David Berry

I’m a Solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in building software systems. I started out as a Java developer and then switched to .NET in 2003. I’ve also done significant work with SQL Server and Oracle. I’m a Pluralsight author and have presented at community events throughout the Midwest. I try to bring a pragmatic approach to everything I do, making sure the software I build is simple, understandable and balances responsibilities between different components of the system. When speaking or teaching, I emphasize real world scenarios encountered by developers every day and show how to solve them so you can be more effective at what you do.


Cool SQL Server Features Every Developer Should Know About

Dustin Ewers

Dustin Ewers is a consultant at Centare, where he works to help businesses build better software. Dustin has been building software for over 10 years, specializing in Microsoft technologies. He is an active member of the technical community, speaking at user groups and conferences in and around Wisconsin.

While not building the software of the future, Dustin likes a mix of low tech and high tech hobbies, including reading, cooking, hiking, and fishing.

He writes about technology at https://www.dustinewers.com/. Follow him on Twitter at @DustinJEwers


Climbing Data Mountain: Web Based Data Visualizations in NVD3.js and D3.js

Greg Levenhagen

Greg Levenhagen is a Principal Consultant with Skyline Technologies, a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He has a great passion for giving back to the community and teaching. A true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including AR/MR/VR, mobile, UX, architecture, distributed computing, automated testing, web, agile, 3D/games, cloud, languages and much more. Greg speaks at conferences like ThatConference, CodeMash, VSLive and Code PaLOUsa.

He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), board member of ThatConference, president of the Milwaukee Code Camp, president of the Northeast WI Code Camp, president of the Northeast WI Developers User Group, co-organizer of the Fox Valley Game Development Meetup, co-organizer of the Midwest Azure User Group, organizer of MobileMKE, cofounder of the Northeast WI Agile User Group, INETA speaker and IEEE and ACM member.

Along with being a life-long geek, Greg enjoys golfing, football, woodworking, philosophy and stimulating conversation.


Current State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises

James Flanery

I like to say that I’m a solver of problems, and that the idea of solving a new problem with each project is what drew me to starting a career in Software Engineering. With four years of solving problems as a Software Engineer I saw the opportunity to apply my skills as a Site Reliability Engineer. Now as a founding member of the Site Reliability Engineering team at Direct Supply I champion building more reliable systems, and every day I encounter even more new and interesting problems.

When I’m not standing on the front line of our systems I like to spend a lot of my time reading fantasy/sci fi books, playing competitive table top games and most importantly trying out new experiences. As someone who believes that to live is to grow I’m excited to give my first presentation here at MKE DOT NET and hopefully help everyone else in growing their own technical knowledge and skills.


SRE and Me: Adding Sustenance to the Acronym

James Pemberton

I’ve been a full stack .Net developer since 2002. In that time, I’ve encountered a variety of source control technologies and branching strategies. Each new project and team I’ve worked on has had to examine carefully how it handled branching and the best way to move forward.

I’ve worked in traditional Waterfall environments, Single and Multi-Teams agile environments. All these projects and teams have presented their own challenges and opportunities that gave me a wealth of experience.


Branching Strategies

Jane Prusakova

I am a software architect and developer, an Agile proponent, and a great believer in building valuable software that users will love to use. I build large back-end systems that require high-performance and high-reliability, and process vast amounts of data. I believe that successful software is created by strong teams, requires good engineering practices, and evolves in close collaboration with the users. As a Principal Consultant for Improving Enterprises, I work with distributed teams on distributed software. As a consulting team, we focus on technical excellence, close contact with the client, and rapid iterations.


Power of a Nudge

Jeff Strauss

Jeff is both a software consultant and an attorney. With his unique experiences that combine technology and law, he maintains a passion for solving problems with inspired solutions, improving life through technology.

A dedicated member of the developer community, Jeff travels internationally to speak on both technical and business-oriented topics. He is co-owner of Arana Software and a Microsoft MVP, was a lead organizer of Dev Up Conference for seven years, and now enjoys serving on the board of directors for the Kansas City Developer Conference.


The Impact of Leveraging Open Source

Joel Karr

I believe that the world is changing and building great software will be vital. We, as the software community, have an amazing opportunity to take our profession to the next level. I’ve been a member of a Big Ten championship college wrestling team and have a speech communications degree along with a MS in computer science and an MBA (all from the University of Illinois). I try to take all the lessons I have learned along the way and help build software teams that write excellent code, and enjoy doing it!


Don't Think When You Code

John M. Wright

As 17-year veteran of the software industry, I’ve gained development experience ranging from “shrink-wrapped” software to large, distributed networks using multiple platforms and technologies. I have a wide experience base with software development and management across the entire system lifecycle, including requirements gathering and analysis, architecture design, development, testing, and release. I have a pragmatic approach to and a heavy interest in continuous improvement of people, process, and product.


Mocking .NET Without Hurting Its Feelings

Jonathan Mills

Jon is a Pluralsight author, ASP.NET insider, and international speaker focusing on JavaScript both in the browser and on the server. Jonathan Mills is a JavaScript and Node.js expert working in the mean stack with individuals and companies to help build their technical skills to cope with the constantly changing landscape of software development.


A Skeptics guide to functional style javascript

Julia Block

Julia Block, the YWebCA Coordinator, has an extremely diverse background with experience in case management, program development and entrepreneurship. She has over 15 years of personal and volunteer experience working with a wide gamut of communities in both rural and urban settings. These include populations with a variety of experiences – people experiencing economic hardship or homelessness, individuals with mental and physical health concerns, returning citizens, refugees and people of color. Julia also possesses a wealth of cross-cultural skills as result of her vast experience and growing up in South America. Furthermore, Julia is fluent in Spanish, has a passion for people in general, and is committed to helping them reach their goals and dreams. In her spare time, she maintains her love for party planning, crafting, dogs, and genuine friends.


Diversity in tech — Barriers, solutions, and one effective model

Laurel Norris

Things that I like: Data, strategy, interacting with a lot of interesting people, and writing reports (strange, I know). I also love being creative, especially when it comes to engaging learners and connecting with people. My background is in journalism, centered around science and technology topics. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time at the barn riding my horse. I compete in three-day-eventing.


Connect, create, succeed: Understanding the customer experience

Lexy Spry

I connect people with information, and I’m very fond of both. I’m a librarian at heart, and keep the values of librarianship top-of-mind whether designing learning experiences or leading a workshop. When I’m not working, I’m either knitting with friends or spending with my family. We build with legos, rides bikes, and tend to our garden.


Connect, create, succeed: Understanding the customer experience

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is Microsoft’s US Central Region Community Program Manager – responsible for the Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Program (MVP) and Regional Directors Program in the Central United States (all of the states in between the coasts). In her previous role at Microsoft, Lisa worked in the Microsoft Services group as a Technical Account Manager responsible for managing Premier Services account portfolios for several enterprise customers in the legal and commercial real estate industries. In her four years at Microsoft, Lisa has also been a community leader for Microsoft’s MACH program (Microsoft Academy of College Hires) and assists in recruitment and interviewing efforts for university hires all over the USA.

Lisa attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!) and earned a BA in psychology. She aims to combine her background and passion for psychology to help people in the tech industry do their best work and lead their most fulfilling and balanced lives. She can be found at technical conferences speaking about how positive leadership strategies can help leaders and community members become more successful and productive.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys traveling (she has visited 13 countries outside the US so far and always planning her next trip!). When not on the move, she enjoys a nice brandy Old Fashioned and Wisconsin Fish Fry back at her parents’ home in Wausau, WI. Her other interests include cooking, hiking, skiing, and petting cats.


Have Your Best Season Yet: Becoming a (Microsoft) MVP

Maria Naggaga

Maria Naggaga is a developer and artist. She is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio and .NET team where she explores ways to engage and teach new developers about .NET OSS. Earlier in her career, Maria worked as a Microsoft Technical Evangelist in New York where she worked with a variety of developers on different stacks and technologies. Maria’s passion is in finding interesting ways on how we can use art, software, and hardware to change perception, tell stories and break stereotypes.


It Starts With A Search

Mary Romolino

With 20+ years of marketing experience including advertising agencies on Chicago’s Miracle Mile and at US Bank in brainy, laid-back Madison, WI, Mary is now betting it all on the power of games to engage players with company brands.

Believing hands down that game-based learning is the most engaging tool in today’s marketing mix, Mary left her ad agency CEO corner office and with a team of “nerds” launched Acme Nerd Games. Together, they provide a better way for businesses and non-profit organizations alike to develop deep brand relationships and help people thrive while having fun.

Harnessing the power of games to help players gain competence, self-efficacy, and confidence, Acme Nerd Games intends to make the world better one app at a time. Beginning with nutrition literacy, Mary believes there’s no shortage of topics or age groups that can benefit from the potential of game-based learning.


Making the World Better One Video Game at a Time

Matthew Soucoup

Matthew Soucoup is a Microsoft and Xamarin MVP, a Pluralsight author, a Telerik Dev Expert, and a principal at Code Mill Technologies. Matt loves mobile development. For his job, he creates elegant cross-platform apps. For fun, Matt shares his passion and insight on mobile and cloud development by blogging, writing articles, and presenting at conferences such as Xamarin Evolve, CodeMash, That Conference, and Indy.Code(). When not behind a computer screen, Matt gardens hot peppers, rides bikes, and loves Wisconsin micro-brews and cheese. Follow Matt on Twitter at @codemillmatt and his blog at https://codemilltech.com.


Creating Three Beautiful Apps at Once with Xamarin.Forms

Pete Craig

Pete is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Johnson Controls. He works primarily with back-end services including background processing and integrating with third-party systems. He has developed a couple Web APIs for Johnson Controls and is passionate about RESTful Web APIs. His current project requires integration with a not-very-RESTful Web API, motivating him to educate others on good Web API design.


REST easy with OData

Ryan Feil

Ryan is a software engineer and JavaScript enthusiast with seven years of web development experience, primarily in the .NET and NodeJS ecosystems. He currently works at Direct Supply, where he has been driving the adoption of React and promoting best practices for its use. Outside of the office, Ryan likes to play mad scientist with emerging web tech and sharpen his skills through hobby projects. He also enjoys petting cats, playing the guitar, and hitting the gym.


Components of Good UI: Intro to ReactJS

Samrat Saha

I love all things technology and I am always interested in learning about new technologies, as well as new ways of using existing ones.I am looking forward to connecting with people and share ideas, so please feel free to reach out and we can get a conversation started.

My current areas of work, includes helping clients migrate workloads onto cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS, researching/implementing processing pipelines to deliver scalable solutions (like using message queues, Azure functions/AWS Lambdas) and integrating hardware to create an ecosystem of platforms and devices to create a frictionless experience for end-users.

As the VP of Engineering at Laughlin Constable, I lead multiple teams of developers focussing on custom .NET, Java, PHP, Python development. I help teams grow in leveraging multi paradigm approaches (public/private cloud, NoSQL solutions, ML techniques), with the focus on using the right approach for a problem.

My ability of weaving the virtues of scotch with those on unit testing…has proven to be entertaining at times. All the more reason to show up and hear me wax poetic on computing!


Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Scott Addie

Scott Addie is an avid blogger, a Telerik Developer Network author, and a technical evangelist of the modern web. Scott has reached masses of developers through blog posts, articles, and speaking engagements at user groups, code camps, and conferences across North America. With a strong emphasis on JavaScript and the Microsoft web technology stack, Scott holds numerous industry-recognized Microsoft development certifications and has been named a Microsoft MVP in the award category of Visual Studio and Development Technologies. His thought leadership in the .NET community has also earned him a seat in the Telerik Developer Experts program. As a firm believer in giving back to the community, Scott is a frequent open source contributor to high-profile GitHub projects, including ASP.NET Core, OmniSharp, Visual Studio Code, and a plethora of Visual Studio proper extensions.


Building Reusable UI Components in ASP.NET Core MVC

Sreenath Pillai

I am an Indian-American entrepreneur and software guru from Madison, Wisconsin.

I have programmed as a hobby since the age of 8. First company at 19. Always learning, always a student. Always sharing, always a teacher.

I have spent over 15 years in the software world. I am most passionate about listening to and helping people, building things, and thinking.


A Human-Centric Approach To Automating Automation

Vince Maiuri

I’m a husband, father, and a Software engineer who definitely took the long way round. My technical passion is all things front end. My professional passion is solving problems for customers, internal and external. I’ve worked for Direct Supply for the last 3 years with various areas of responsibility. I’ve worked with build systems, our eCommerce product, as well as our own internal tooling. Throughout it all I’ve maintained focus on trying to provide my users with the best experience possible. When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking, running, and gaming. Luckily I also enjoy being a father, or I might be bitter that I don’t have much time for any of that other stuff!


Components of Good UI: Intro to ReactJS

William Springer

Who am I? I’m a software developer with a PhD in computer science, a passion for teaching, and a very large collection of board games. My current project is figuring out how to relate computer science concepts to working programmers, demonstrating how they can take theory and apply it to their day-to-day work.


That's not how you pack it! Understanding sorts.