A Human-Centric Approach To Automating Automation

Sreenath Pillai


2:00 - 2:45

Automation has transformed industries left and right, largely through software. But what happens when building software itself begins to become automated?

We will go over how “Automating Automation” is not only technically complex but also presents major ethical and business challenges. Then we will explore possible paths towards the eventuality of fully automated software development. Paths that heavily involve human creativity and capital. Paths that change and replace, rather than eliminate, software jobs. Paths that allow established heavyweights the ability to join this new age in a transitory, non-invasive manner. Paths that do all of this and still maximize rewards for upstarts who move quickly and revolutionize right away.

We will step out of this adventure with a 360-degree view of the biggest impending economic change of 2017: automating automation.