Samrat Saha

A technology enthusiast, I lead the development efforts at Laughlin Constable in Milwaukee, managing talented .NET,Open Source and Front-end dev teams. I work with both custom software and hardware and especially enjoy the zone where the distinction between the two blur and only user experience matters. Being a polyglot, I enjoy multiple platforms and languages (.NET, Java, Mobile, Python).

Be it custom BLE development for ad-hoc networked devices to using NLP to create speech based UI's to leveraging the Watson platform, I like to get my hands dirty and often spend countless hours alternating between pure frustration and unadulterated joy when something finally works.

I enjoy learning from people and when opportunity permits, to share what I have learnt with a wider audience.


Rapid prototyping using Azure Functions - A Walk on the Wild Side

Woodfield C/D

3:45 - 4:45