An Introduction to Cross-platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

Paul Zolnierczyk

Woodfield C/D

9:45 - 10:45

When considering how to build iOS and Android applications, many people think that the native languages, Objective-C, Swift, and Java, are the only choice. However, over the past few years, an entire new ecosystem of platforms for building mobile applications has emerged.

Xamarin is unique in this space by offering a single language – C#, class library, and runtime that works across all three mobile platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (Windows Phone’s native language is already C#), while still compiling native (non-interpreted) applications that are performant enough even for demanding games.

In this talk we'll give an introductory look into what Xamarin is and how you can begin writing cross-platform mobile apps using the language you know and love - C#.