Connect, create, succeed: Understanding the customer experience

Laurel Norris

Lexy Spry


3:00 - 3:45

It’s easy (and sometimes preferred) to code in a cave – away from distraction, demands, and the chatter from coworkers. While such an environment might enable productivity, it can also distance a developer from important information about how customers use the product. Understanding their experience – how they interact with a product, what they like, what challenges them, even their habits and workstyle – can help you improve functionality and usability.

During this lively and entertaining session with two learning experience designers in the software industry, find out why and how to connect with customers directly and through customer-facing teams at your organization. This session will give you concrete tips for how to listen to customers, distill feedback, and build relationships inside your organization that can inform development.

Developers and IT managers will benefit from this session. Regardless of how your organization is structured, considering the point of view of the customer and strengthening cross-team communications will benefit the products you work on, customer satisfaction, and your own career.